Top Seeds Lab Presentation at IE Business School

Beta Gamma Sigma was surrounded in his second event at the Instituto de Empresa with Javier Rodríguez Zapatero (Country Manager of Google in Spain, Portugal and Turkey), Carlos de Torres (Country Manager of Microsoft Advertising), Ignacio de Pinedo (CEO of ISDI ) and Javier Cremades (President of Cremades & Calvo Sotelo). The vice president of BGS in Spain, Elisa Villar, highlighted the centenary of the American association of academic excellence and its mission to enhance the talent of students of prestigious business schools, promoting personal and professional growth.

The President of BGS in Spain, Ignacio Macías, presented how to promote this talent through Top Seeds Lab, startup accelerator that has opened the call to accelerate and finance the best technological innovation projects. Top Seeds Lab is the accelerator of students of academic excellence that provides professional mentoring of first level and resources to promote entrepreneurs, obtaining the financing of prestigious investors. The managers of Microsoft, ISDI and Cremades & Calvo Sotelo, supported the commitment to entrepreneurs and Javier Rodríguez Zapatero highlighted the progress of new technologies and the change of time we are living, encouraging “reset” and start from scratch before a new socio-economic environment.

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